A weakling

We are said to be the weaker vessels, god created a weakling to fill his world with cruel children. A weaker being who takes pain like desert takes rain, a weak being that is filled with envy, aggression, confusion, but then, she loves like she doesn’t know what falling from heaven’s like, she loves like she never felt her wings being ripped from her back, she loves like she never felt her bones crush when she hit the cold, dark ground, where he awaits for her. He made her the weaker vessel because he knows she will always love, even without a heart.


He said she was touched by death, she wont ever find peace, her mind isn’t her own, she lets the very own air poison her thoughts, the very own kiss poison her body, she cant make love, she extends her contract with death when she opens the doors for him to breath poison in her lungs, she lets him take her he lets her feel all the senses in her body, it brings her closer to him. He always liked innocent broken things, but not for healing them, but for watching them self distract, see how much more they can break, how far their silly hopes can drag them, how far can she crawl.

What a Day

I let them run wild, i drowned myself in what could and what was, i felt myself slipping away from me, and then, i find myself in a crowd filled with noises i cant make up, i feel the depth of the darkness inside me, i smile at myself in the mirror but the shadow inside my eyes tells me not to lie, “the face you have isn’t for you” he whispers, “its for them to look at you to digest you easily, because no one can look at what you hide underneath”. This shadow knows my heartache, he felt it with me, he had the taste of the darkness thats endless, he feels powerful because everything you see is his and you see nothing and every inch of the pitch black nothingness is his, the shadows inside my eyes are worlds that aren’t meant for man kind they are made for insane minds to fall in it and find themselves because its easy to find your true self in a suffering, even if it isn’t your own.

I let…

I let people take my peace away from me,

I let them tell me who i am, and who I’m going to be

I let myself down by agreeing with them.

I dislike myself because i let them put me down.

Im filled with rage and want to prove them wrong!

Instead i only need to prove myself how strong i am, and how creative i am, no matter what pulls me down.

I let myself be free of all those people that hurt me, doubted me, and steal my joy from me.

I forgive you all, and I let you all go…


Imagine if we stopped tasting things,

if we stopped hearing everything, 

if we stopped seeing,

if we stopped feeling 

What would be so precious to us then? 


Ive realized i am extraordinaryTo the point were sometimes i find myself feeling my difference on my skin, like thousand flys building a nest on my skin

Then, i started to embrace my uniqueness and dealt with life one day at a time